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Terms of Goods Transport!

  1. Customs clearance, shipment and import

    BBL & Mafee may do the following on behalf of the sender:

    • Fill in all kinds of transport documents, correct products or service items (e. g. temporary change of transportation mode) and pay or pay taxes in accordance with relevant laws (China export tax exemption if the supplier needs a tax refund). We also provide customs declaration services. Zimbabwe collects import taxes according to the relevant tax standards.
    • Handle the formalities of tariff and export control as the customs forwarding agent and act as the consignor, and only when the designated customs broker completes the customs clearance procedures.
    • Transfer the goods to the consignee’s import agent at the request of the consignee, or ship to other locations. Mafee needs to confirm whether the consignee has obtained the necessary authorization.
    • It is the consignee’s responsibility to timeously provide all necessary goods documentation (such as invoices and packing list) to facilitate shipment and customs clearing. Any consequences (seizure of goods)/charges accrued due to delays or unavailability of such documents will be passed on to the consignee.

  2. Express goods that cannot be delivered

    The shipper needs to confirm that the goods delivered by him are transportable. Transport will not be granted in any of the following circumstances:

    • Hazardous articles stipulated by other relevant government departments or organizations, such as the International Air Transport Association, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the European Agreement on the road transport of dangerous goods, dangerous goods, and prohibited or restricted goods;
    • Failing to go through the customs declaration formalities in accordance with the relevant customs regulations: animals, cash notes, precious metals, ore, real or simulated guns and their zero accessories, weapons, explosives, ammunition, humans, pornography or illegal narcotic drugs / drugs.
    • Goods with defective or improper packaging.

  3. Delivery and no delivery
    • When gods arrive at the Zimbabwe warehouse, consignee can inform BBL whether delivery services are required.
  4. Delivery Service Scope
    • If a delivery service is required, the exact delivery address and receiver phone number is required. BBL & Mafee will confirm the delivery fee and send it to the door immediately after the goods are sorted.
    • Before signing of delivery note, please timely check the outer packaging, quantity, and whether the goods are damaged. Once signed for the goods, BBL & Mafee will not bear the loss for the goods.
    • If the goods are damaged and the quantity decreases before the receipt, the consignee has the right not to sign for, and the delivery personnel can pull the goods back and enter the claim process. All goods issues must be confirmed or contested before receipt, and once any objection is made after, we will reject it.
    • If the goods are inconsistent or reduced in quantity or weight purchased by the consignee, please immediately contact the supplier or shopper (some suppliers have under-delivered goods if they out of stock); and also contact BBL & Mafee to confirm the before sending weight and after arrive weight (excluding error) to determine where the incident might have occurred at.
    • BBL & Mafee do not assume responsibility for the wrong version of the goods,please contact the supplier or shopper.
  5. Collection, Delivery Requirements & Storage
    • Goods will be released for collection/delivery after BBL & Mafee verify that all fees are paid.
    • To collect goods from warehouse please provide the consignment date or container number, collect number, the consignee name, telephone number and consignee ID or Passport. If you forget the collect kindly confirm with your sales consultant. To change the consignee information, please contact the sales consultant immediately. For the safety of your goods, please try to provide the exact consignee information to be labeled on your goods before shipment.
    • Home delivery service is available. The same collection information in 4.1 will be required to facilitate home delivery.
    • If you pay shipping fees in Zimbabwe office, kindly cooperate and send the receipt to the sale consultant in China. Otherwise your account will be deemed unpaid.
    • Goods are stored for free for 5 days from the time they are ready to be collected. From the 6th day warehousing fee of USD$3 per day (air cargo) and USD$7 per day (sea cargo) will apply. If goods are not collected within 2 weeks, we have the right to handle the goods.
  6. Inspection
    • For the normal delivery of the goods, BBL & Mafee have the right to open up the goods without notice.
    • Inspection is done on what the package contains; defects or breakages may be unnoticed.
    • BBL & Mafee will not be liable for defects or breakages undetected.
  7. Freight
    • BBL & Mafee freight will be calculated according to the actual weight calculation standard and volume calculation standard
    • BBL & Mafee can reweigh and measure any goods to confirm its calculation data. Please contact our sales consultant and we will provide the latest quote form.
    • BBL & Mafee is entitled to collect all freight charges, surcharges, tariffs from the consignee.
    • If the goods shipped belong to this clause 2, BBL & Mafee shall also be paid for such damages, damages, fines and related costs.
  8. BBL & Mafee Liability
    • BBL & Mafee's liability is limited to direct loss or damages.
    • Goods sent from the supplier, damaged or lost, we will cooperate with help, but without any responsibility.
    • If the goods are lost in the warehouse in China (on the premise that the sales consultant specifies that the goods have arrived in the warehouse), we will bear the full value of the goods. Please provide the real seller contact information, shopping vouchers, shopping invoices, so that we can carry out the claim work, the claim time is 15 working days.
    • If some of the goods are lost, please contact SHOPPER and sales consultant and we will assist in the investigation. The Supplier may be short of goods or have improper behavior during the transportation. If it is a supplier problem, the shopper will assist to get a refund or reissue of the goods. If it is confirmed during the transportation, claim the missing weight freight under the above rules.
    • Chinese customs may perform physical examination (customs behavior). If the goods are in the care of the Chinese customs and they go missing, we will try to claim from the customs side. The customs behavior we must obey, the time limit is 30 days. If more than 30 days is not solved, we will compensate twice the freight paid.
    • If the goods go missing whilst they are in the transit place (Hong Kong, Addis Ababa etc). We will make a claim to the Airline, and if the airline handles them for a long time, BBL & Mafee will pay twice the freight.
    • Zimbabwe customs may perform physical examination (customs behavior). If the goods are in the care of the Zimbabwe customs and they go missing, we will try to claim from the customs side. The customs behavior we must obey, the time limit is 30 days. If more than 30 days is not solved, we will compensate twice the freight paid.
    • If it is confirmed that goods have been damaged or lost in the Zimbabwe warehouse or during door-to-door delivery, we will bear the full value of the goods.
    • All goods issues must be confirmed or contested before receipt; once receipt is signed any objection will be rejected.
    • Since we are aviation and ship carriers’ agents, we will try our best to protect your goods. As third party responsibility, we take third party accountability and we will try to make maximum compensation.
    • Special note if you are importing high-value goods (phones, laptop, television, ceramics, refrigerator, medical machinery, easily breakable goods etc). We suggest that you buy insurance according to the value of the goods. We will submit the required materials (goods formal invoice, packing bill, bill of lading and other specific materials subject to the requirements of the insurance company). The insurance cost shall prevail; BBL & Mafee will bear no liability.
    • If no insurance is taken goods are deemed to be shipped at Owner’s risk and liability is limited to Clause 7.1
    • Goods insurance does not include indirect losses or damages or damages resulting from delay in transportation.
  9. Time limit for filing claims
    • Any claim must be made to BBL & Mafee by email within 7 days after BBL & Mafee accepts the goods, otherwise BBL & Mafee will not be liable.
    • The claim must be accompanied by a claim report taken at the time the incident was discovered before receipt was signed.
    • The claim email is and Please also copy
    • Claims take 15 working days to be investigated.
  10. Transportation delay and money refund guarantee
    • BBL & Mafee will make reasonable efforts to transport the goods in accordance with its normal delivery standards, which are not binding and constitute an integral part of the agreement.
    • BBL & Mafee is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from a delay in transportation.
  11. Vis major
    • BBL & Mafee are not liable for loss or damages resulting from causes beyond the scope of BBL & Mafee control. These reasons include, but are not limited to: the defects inherent in the goods (whether we know or not), actions or omissions of non-BBL & Mafee employees (e. g., consignor, consignee, customs, third person, or government, etc.); force majeure factors such as earthquake, storm, flood, war, air crash, riots or civil unrest.
    • BBL & Mafee are not liable for any damage or loss of goods as a result of packaging or handling of goods by the supplier or shopper to the warehouse. Requests should be made to check condition of goods or further packaging before goods are shipped.
  12. All of the above explanations are attributable to BBL & Mafee!